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Vmax OzoneDeodorizer

95 AED



"1) The ozone generator can output 2mg ozone to effectively remove car odors, indoor smoke, dust or pets. 2) Useful for small spaces, such as toilet, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, offices, cars, conference rooms and entertainment venues 3) It can also be used in outdoor, camping, and travel 4) Easy to use, there is a sliding switch on the button, weak - weak - medium - strong, in weak / medium / strong mode, the air purifier generates ozone for 8 minutes, then the standby mode for 120/60/30 minutes. 5) [Rechargeable and Long Standby] The air purifier can be fully recharged within 3 hours and can work for 30 days in the weak mode; 15 days in average situation; And 7 days in strong position. "